Friday, 11 April 2014

First blog of Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein

I guess that's it.
I'm sitting in my workshop in front of my macbook and have a coffee on the side.
I'd better begin, before someone gets bored.
I'm Alexandra and I make jewellery. Fine jewellery that is.
Gold and Silver and precious stones, gemstones.
Not just throwing together a few glass beads, no I have actually learned the trade and studied 3 D Design.
If you ask me if the degree has given me any boost, I prefer not to answer.
I am greatly self-taught and learned from great goldsmiths and stone setters.
There are some other very nice materials in my collection like leather, Murano Glas and the list goes on, but more at another time.
I draw my inspirations from nature's beauty, that literally means
I cast twigs or seeds or the odd sea urchin into Sterling Silver and
turn it into really nice precious little jewels.
I practically adore gemstones, also the odd ones, the rough ones,
the lesser known and the stones that have a special meaning.
Join me on my journey making unique pieces.
Right now I'm working on catalogue number 1245, I think.
That's right. Every item is one of a kind.
I never do an item twice, at least not exactly.
Well, if you really ask me to do a second version- but that is exceptional.
I have a website- of course, how can I live, when I don't sell.
I can't keep all of the jewellery, though I would like to...
See more infos at ADFK Jewellery.

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